Artist Statement image
We live in a world that bombards us with virtually instant images of natural and manmade disasters --wars, atrocities, diseases, droughts, floods, famines, earthquakes, fires, pollution, crimes and scandals -- mixed with multiple conflicting solutions; the constantly changing faces of overnight celebrities; and new seemingly indispensable products to acquire.  My art explores our roles as human beings in that complex world.

Using collage, I am able to fix in place some of those constantly changing images.  By overlapping, distorting, hiding and revealing common images, I strive to create strange yet familiar landscapes inviting the viewer to focus on the questions and problems these images suggest.

While specific images in my collages have symbolic meanings used to develop a metaphor, the intent is not for the art to have only one interpretation, nor to propose a single solution to problems in the world,  Rather I hope by raising questions to open a dialogue between viewers and the artist.